The Tri-Star Vacuum Cleaner Review

We are not Tri-Star dealers. We do not sell Tri-Star vacuums materiel de nettoyage lyon. That is a pure review.

The Tri-Star is made and has been since 1937. In our retail store in Wooster Ohio we find Tri-Star vacuum cleaner come in for support, and customers ask questions about the Tri-Star.

Here are the things, good and bad.

The Tri-Star is about the most lasting machine you can purchase. The more recent versions use a resin casing that is as durable as a bowling ball.

These motors are large, strong, and therefore are all metal. We’ve seen Tri-Star more than 30 years old that are running flawlessly. Metal motors persist for a long time. The most recent versions of Tri-Star have a 12 Amp motor. This is also an all metal engine, but is really more compact than the older motors. When I asked the firm, they stated it was to produce the machine lighter weight. The machines are actually lighter weight than the old models (by about 5 pounds). But the bigger motors stay cooler longer.

The major claim to fame with the Tri-Star is they have a process called “Cyclonic Action” that forces the air to pass over the dirt in the bag. This is actually true, and the pag could be 90% full and have 100% air flow. The Tri-Star includes a canvas internal bag and it utilizes paper liners inside the canvas tote. Even though the machine will still run properly with the paper out liner, the liners make dumping the dirt out a much more sanitary operation. The liners also help keep the canvas tote free of scents that will remain even after you dump out the bag…if you apply the canvas bag alone.

The Tri-Star includes a HEPA filter onto its exhaust that also includes a washable foam filter and a charcoal after filter. There’s virtually no dust re-entering the space after it moves into the bag and filters.

The attachments have air vents built into them which allows full airflow in the tools. This is lacking in almost any vacuum cleaner offered. At our store, we will even drill holes in tools to allow freer airflow at the instrument. If you cut off the sirat the tool, it cannot carry the dirt to the tote not carry the air back into the room. Air circulation is important.

The only two negatives I could find would be that the cost and availability of service. The Tri-Star sells for more than $2,000. Even though it will last you for several decades, the purchase price may block you from owning one of these excellent machines. An alternative is to buy a factory rebuilt Tri-Star. You can usually save the price, ad you’re just about getting exactly the same vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer. These are usually distributors that come to your property. But I wouldn’t buy one online. I have in the past, and such machines are usually abused.




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